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Justsun truck manufacturer,as a best renowned to this trade for heavy duty truck,remain professional on the manufacturing of heavy duty trucks,...



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Buy And Sell Lorry Truck In Mumbai

Whether you are a company or an individual seller, if you are in search of the customer, we will connect you with genuine buyers resides all over Mumbai. Just create an offer and title truck or semi truck for sale in Mumbai, you will get loads of inquiries.

Rent Or Sell Trucks

For all our sellers, we have some good news. The good news is you are in the right place as thousands of customers are visiting and buying from us. You never know if your buyer is waiting for a genuine seller like you. It's a good chance to earn valuable income. You can give a truck for rent to earn a side income or if you want to sell a used one or new one then also you can earn much profit.

So, do not wait, create an offer and connect with each other!!

Semi Truck For Sale In Mumbai

Izydaisy is a well-functioned website that lets you discover your city sellers, and lets you set a price. After setting your price and city, you will end up having listings from your city and with your price. But, we travel nationwide so you can compare and the best trailer or lorry truck in Mumbai.

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