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What is the cutoff for MIT Pune and VIT Pune through the JEE Mai

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Well, I studied Computer Engineering in MIT’s main campus (Pune, Kothrud) from 2008 - 2011. During that time MIT Pune was under Pune university. But since past one year or two years it has become an autonomous university.

Call on -09108585198

To answer your question, I would like to highlight few things here:

  • If you read different magazines then you will see different rankings for each college in India. These magazines have different criteria to evaluate colleges so they will never have same results. But a good college will always be in top list of all the magazines. MIT Pune is one of them.
  • I took admission in MIT based on my merit. Also, I had offers from PICT, VIT and MIT. So I had to put efforts to evaluate these colleges and I selected MIT, because of its corporate network and placement stats. PICT has awesome placement stats every year but those high value CTC are very limited to few students. But what mattered to me was number of dream companies (that offer 6+ lac CTC) that come to recruit students and in that case on an average MIT had 18 such companies. Total companies for 2011 were around 130. You can get these stats from the placement department of MIT. (Note: If a college says that their highest CTC was 25lacs then this does not mean that all students got this CTC hardly one or two get it. That too these are converted to rupees. Example: like one of my friend was selected by a Japanese company and he had a offer of 28 lacs ctc. This amount is sufficient to live a life that a individual can live at 5–6 lacs CTC in India, see how they use stats to manipulate you).
  • I also did some research on professors and extracurricular activities, MIT is very famous for Robocon, wherein students get the opportunity to participate in an international event of robotics. This event is not a small event at all ( you do your research). Also, many national and international speakers do visit MIT for guest lectures. (during my time in MIT I was fortunate to meet: Anna Hazare, Nana Patekar, Respected Sir Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and few CEO’s of international companies). Also by meet I just don’t mean saying Hi or hello, I mean having a proper 1–2 hrs of group discussion.
  • Infrastructure is another factor that matters a lot. The best way to evaluate the infra is to have a visit to labs or campus during weekends. You can actually get permission to do so.
  • Scholarships, by this I don’t mean Government caste based scholarship. I mean proper talent based scholarships. Do evaluate these options as I am not aware what MIT has as of today. But during my time they use to have small or big awards for various achievements.
  • Quality of students, you are going to spend 4 years of your life so people with whom you are going to study and learn matters a lot. MIT has strong cut off grades which means you meet some of the best brains. There are few exceptions who get admission via donation quota. So leave those aside. But as far as students who are willing to do something in life, you will meet many of these students in MIT.
  • Last but not least, quality of life in and around Pune (Kothrud) is really good. You will have lots of options to hang out and enjoy weekends with friends and others. This is very crucial because we all need a break even if it is your student life. Honestly, It makes no sense to join a college that is in outskirts with no connectivity or places to hang out. This student life is also about making friends, memories and knowing the unknown.

We provide  management Quota admission in  Top college of Pune

Call on -09108585198

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