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18-year-old Beth was excited. She was flattered to have finally been chosen to join the school Senior Netball team. Whilst she knew she was quite good, she was a little bit surprised at being asked to join the very successful team, and immediately jumped at the opportunity. This would open up a new world of trips and contacts that she simply didn't have at the moment. Now that her exams were over, she knew she could concentrate on sport a bit more, and it would keep her in shape.

The only thing that stood in the way of her being accepted onto the team was the medical. Whilst she didn't think there was anything that would stop her from passing this, she didn't want to chance anything. She knew the school nurse was a stroppy pedantic woman and so she decided to impress with a good first impression. Subsequently, she was dressed in her smartest school uniform: Black blazer, short black pleated skirt, black shoes, crisp white blouse, and to give an air of sophistication, she covered her legs with white hold-ups instead of the white socks option.

She knew the medical was mainly an interview consisting of a question and answer session, with a couple of minor readings required such as blood pressure, so she didn't expect to need to undress or anything, just look smart. As she approached the school's medical rooms at the appointed time, just as school was ending, she straightened her blazer and knocked on the door and went in.

The suite consisted of a small waiting room, followed by a larger nurse's office and examination room. Finding no-one there, she sat herself neatly on a chair in the waiting room for a minute before the adjoining door opened. She was surprised to see, not the school nurse, but a young male doctor appear in the doorway.

"Hello. I'm Doctor Sanders. You must be... Bethany, here for a team medical?" he asked, consulting a letter. When Beth nodded in affirmation, he continued. "Nurse Carter is on training today. I'm here to fill in for her. Please come through." He held the door open and ushered her past him.

Beth was slightly taken aback at his unexpected appearance. She was not expecting a handsome man to be conducting the medical, but stood obediently and walked past the young doctor through into the office. The young doctor looked her up and down as she brushed past him, smiling to himself as he noted her curves and her tight bottom, before closing the door and gesturing at a chair, indicating that she should sit best hd porn

Beth sat neatly, slightly nervous. After picking up a clipboard, Doctor Sanders sat on another chair and tried to put her at ease. "Don't worry. I don't bite." This teased a slight smile from Beth, despite the bad line. "Now I understand that you are here for a sports medical. Netball. Is that correct?"

Beth nodded "Uh-huh".

"Good. Now it will be slightly different from a normal medical which addresses general health, in that today I will be assessing your fitness to determine your physical suitability to join the team. OK?"

Again, she nodded "Uh-huh".

"And you understand that in order to be accepted on the team, you must pass this medical? Yes?"

"Yes" she replied. 'Oh, God don't let me fail this, please' Beth thought to herself.

"Good. Well I'm sure you'll want to be going home as soon as possible, so let's get started. We'll start with the questionnaire. I must stress that everything you tell me will be kept in strict confidence and you must be as honest as possible in your answers."

"OK". He started going through a long list of practical, health, dietary and physical questions on his list, mainly requiring yes/no answers. Beth sat there looking pretty, but she was nervously fiddling with her fingers before moving her hands to the edge of the chair and fiddling with the hem of her short skirt. The Doctor kept glancing at her as he went through the form, not necessarily at her face.

After a few minutes, he declared "Right. That's the questions done. Now let's move on to the physical section, shall we?"

"Uh, physical section?" Beth asked, starting to get a bit worried.

"Yes. I need to do some basics tests and checks to confirm your health."

"Er,...OK" Beth hesitated. She hadn't counted on this; she hadn't dressed for it, and she certainly didn't expect a man to be examining her.

"Please slip off your blazer and sit on the side of the couch over there and I'll start with your blood pressure." Beth got up and slid her blazer off and folded over the back of her chair. She couldn't be sure but she thought she glimpsed him checking out her shapely bust in the short-sleeved blouse, before she turned and moved over to the "couch" which was in fact the examination table to one side of the room.

She hopped up to sit on the side, as he watched, careful not to let her skirt ride up. The doctor fetched his apparatus and sat next to her. He held her arm softly and attached the pad to take her blood pressure. He could feel her trembling slightly at his touch as he pumped up the testing bladder which squeezed her arm. After watching the read-out for a while he declared "That's fine" and jotted down the results on the clipboard  hot cams

"Now let's check out your lungs. Please turn that way so that I can listen through your back." Beth presented her back to him as he pressed his stethoscope to her back. He gently pressed it to her back and she felt him moving it around, his hand pressing against her as he noted the quality straps of her bra. He grunted and then said "Well I think you're OK but I can't be sure from the back. Do you mind if I listen to your chest for a second?"

"Uh, OK" she answered before realising the potential implications, and regretting it. She turned to face him as they both looked down at her chest. She was breathing quicker now from nerves. He asked her to undo the top two buttons on her blouse. As she did so, she felt that it was getting hotter in there, or was it just her blushing?

Then, holding the end of the stethoscope, he placed it just under her neck and moved her blouse aside a little as he listened lower. He pushed her blouse further open and caught a glimpse of her white lace bra and the top inside swell of her lovely breasts as he pretended to listen lower. Beth was trembling and she felt that he was taking a little too long to check her out.

Finally, he seemed to be satisfied and leaving her blouse open a little he placed the scope to the side and changed direction. "Right. Now let's test your reflex actions. Please slip off your shoes and perch on the edge just there." Beth shuffled closer to the edge taking care not to let her short skirt ruck up.

Doctor Sanders looked about for his little hammer, but not finding it declared "I must have left it in the outer room. Don't move. I'll go and get it". He went out and took the opportunity to lock the outside room, and as he closed the office door, there was a click as that too locked.

"Found it!" he cheerfully announced as he took a second to admire the beautiful young woman sitting on the side of his examination table in her short skirt and nylons, with her blouse still open a little, her breathing making her full teenage breasts rise and fall.

He knelt down in front of her and explained that he was going to tap her knee to see if her leg reacted. He brought down the little round hammer onto her knee and Beth yelped slightly as her calf kicked up. This reaction had the effect of lifting her skirt as her leg jerked, and from where he was positioned in front of her, the doctor caught a tantalising glimpse of the lacey hold-up stocking tops under the hem of her skirt.

He tapped her leg again, watching more carefully this time, then tested the other, making her other leg jerk up and out and opening her legs slightly, giving him another glimpse up her inner thighs at the stocking tops. 'So, not tights after all' he thought.

He then got her to stand up and perform some simple stretches with her arms before asking her to stand in the middle of the room and touch her toes, and to hold that position. Beth looked at him in a funny way, knowing that her skirt was quite short, but faced him and bent right forward to touch her toes.

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